my mother’s birthday

10 Apr

april 7th was my mum’s birthday.

(photo of her at age 18)

i have always looked forward to her birthday. well, except maybe the few years she insisted on a birthday month instead of her usual birthday week. that got a tad tedious! she is always extra cheeky, and cute near her birthday, and i always admired how she took hold of her birthday and didn’t let anyone take that joy away from her just because she was a “grown up.” the older i get, and the most disappointing it feels when your “big day” is only a minor blip on the calendar, the most i appreciate that she spoils herself and celebrates getting older.

for her gifts this year i struggled a bit, as always.

i started with a mixed cd:

listen here

birds and ships – billy bragg and wilco

open window (the wedding song) – sarah harmer

watercolors into the ocean – destoyer

willie – cat power

california stars – billy bragg and wilco

1-2-3-4 – feist

you’ve got a place to call home – hannah georgas

hesitating beauty – billy bragg and wilco

little lion man – mumford and sons

victoria day (april showers) – kathleen mc clelland

a well respected man – the kinks

5 years time – noah and the whale

bruises – chairlift

do you realize – the flaming lips

then, because she is such an enthusiastic grandma i made her a “grandma coupon book” (yes, i realize you do this every year i elementary school, but hey, it always gets good results!)

i used a vintage easter card for the cover. i edited it in photoshop, erasing the original text and replacing with my own

then i printed out these beautiful sheets of stationary with vintage handkerchief patterns on them for free from here from “eat drink chic.” then i inscribed on each on the coupons value. there was 2 of each- 2 hour “special grandma time,” giving the baby a bath, taking baby for a walk, 1 hour cuddle with the baby, afternoon with baby and me, and a few “you pick.” (dangerous i know!)

she was pretty excited, although very suspicious it was a ploy to keep a bit of a handle on her visits (which is only partly true!). needless to say they were a hit though, and my grandparents were immediately discussing how they needed some as well.

i have always loved these, and had never had the nerve to try my hand at making one until now. i figured it was a good gift for a mother. i used the tutorial here on “just something i made.”

next up, i took a matchbox and covered it with woodgrain paper, and lined with organic fleece, and placed the nest inside

then slid closed and tied with hemp!

it makes for a very wee sentimental gift.

as an avid reader myself, i figured you can never have too many bookmarks, so i set to work making her one

i added a little cheeky text to the top- which i was nervous unveiling before my family, however even my grandma thought it was genius. (my mother now has requested one with larger text on it for her best friend)

heck i even learned how to make a tassel! (tutorial here on martha

i hope she had a wonderful few days and enjoys every moment of her 47th year of life.

i love you mum ❤


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