31 weeks pregnant?! eek!

9 Apr

pregnancy seems to go so slowly until you’re at a comfortable point. then it speeds by it seems.

now that i have a belly i love, and really feel i’m getting the hang of this pregnancy thing, i realize i only have 2 months left (if we’re lucky and go full term. almost all babies in my family are premmies). i suddenly feel very unprepared. not so much mentally and emotionally, but in terms of having his room ready, having everything we need, etc.

luckily nature steps in and starts to make everything very uncomfortable and i’m sure in a few more weeks i will be begging for this little baby to be out. but for now, my only really complaint is having a little baby bum pushed up into my ribs (he hardly ever jabs at my ribs! i am lucky to have such a nice kiddo!), and feeling breathless a lot from my expanding ribs and the pressure on my diaphram. i was suffering from ridiculous amounts of heartburn, but as soon as the mister bought me a package of tums, its disappeared.

i still feel pretty small for 31 weeks. my belly button hasn’t even popped! (i was dreading that for some reason)

we spend a lot of time reading to him.

books we’ve been reading a lot of are:

on the day you were born by debra fraiser

good night moon by margaret wise brown

a salmon for simon by betty waterton

wynken, blynken and nod by eugene field

love you forever by robert munch

a surpise for dumpy by molly brett

we read a lot of others as well. we’re very fortunate to still have nearly all the books i had as a child and quite a few more belonging to the mister’s little girl (who is kind enough to share with her little brother)

one book i am planning of buying, which melts my heart to pieces is

“where you came from” by sara o’leary

it is simply beautiful, and strikes such beauty into the heart of wee ones.

so very precious of an idea.

side note

i am SO sick of family members touching-grabbing-rubbing-taking about how i dont like when they touch- my belly. i reluctantly let my mother (it was her birthday) and it turned into a free-for-all. i am not a touchaphobe, but i like my body to be mine, and feel a little uncomfortable with my mother rubbing my belly and getting tears in her eyes she’s so emotional about it. does that make me a bad person? i love how much she loves her grandson, but its still just my stomach she’s petting and crying over and its still weird for me.

sorry family. and sorry baby. you are going to have one hell of time once you’re born. hope you’re not shy.


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