5 months

2 Nov

one more month till his halfie birthday! eep!

this kid is such a little character. he is such a mellow, good natured little guy, only cranky when his little teeth are really bugging him, and even then he’s a sweetheart.

he likes:

 stroking your face and staring at you

reaching out and touching his daddy when we’re in bed

swimming in the tub

being fanned while naked (i have to post a video of this. it is hilarious.)

KISSES! all kinds, all over, all the time ❤

chewing on his Hop on Pop board book

peek-a-boo from behind his feet

milk. this kid seriously eats all.the.time.

bouncing in his jolly jumper (which makes early mornings very easy for mummy)

sleeping all night in momma’s arms swoon

leaning really far back to look around when you’re holding him (very hard on the arms)

he does not like

teething. we’re having a hell of a time getting through these first two.

getting in and out of his car seat.

putting on a diaper

shopping. such a boy.

not being allowed to watch tv (seriously kid, you don’t need to watch the news.)

not being allowed to eat whatever we’re eating.

not being allowed to have hot cups of coffee. seriously. he finds this so frustrating.

bedtimes have been pretty rough lately with the teething. its so stressful trying to determine whether he is tired and cranky or in pain and needs tyenol or both. or is he just bored! am i putting his down too early, or too late and he’s overtired. i suppose we’ll find our groove again, but right now we’re struggling. as not excited as i am for nursing a 5 month old with teeth, i hope these teeth cut through soon and give this kid a break.


One Response to “5 months”

  1. olivepitts January 8, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    Did he get his teeth yet?? Olive is going through this and I hear it can last months!!!

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