3 months old (3 weeks late)

5 Sep

this kid is the love of my life. people often ask if i ever just sit and stare at him, and i reply “always.” if i could live two lives- one where i accomplish things and one where i just it and stare in amazement and love him, i would. i do my best to be present all the time, and appreciate every moment with him. i think thats all you really can do. but if he gets any cuter or sweeter, i don’t know what i’m going to do.

he’s growing like the best little weed! i swear he’s bigger every time i wake up beside him. which i love. i wasn’t too sure if i wanted to co-sleep. i wanted him near, and to be comfortable sleeping with us, but maybe not all the time. but from his first day it was clear he wanted to be snuggled in with his momma (and daddy too.) and thats where he’s been, and i love it. the bigger he gets, the nicer it is too. i worry less about rolling over him, or losing him in the bed (i had nightmares about that when we first brought him home.) the best part is waking up beside him. he looks over at me and waits quietly until i whisper good morning, then his face lights up with the biggest smile and looks over to wait for daddy to open his eyes. i think its his favourite part of the day.


-take naps all by himself in his room

-go to bed at 8:30 pm and sleep until 11 am (you don’t need to tell me how lucky i am.)

-pull himself up to standing while holding your hands

-stand holding your hands for longer than 5 minutes at a time

-only poop 1-2 times a day

-hold his head up nearly all the time unassisted

-take baths with momma and float like a starfish with only a little help

– copy sticking out his tongue when you do it

-find peek-a-boo funny

-laugh ❤


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