29 Jul

when cedar was a few days old it became obvious he was a puker. perfectly normal, some babies just are. i didn’t worry. it just meant more laundry, but when you’re cloth diapering, whats a little extra. but when it started becoming clear the spitting up was painful and accompanied with lots of gas, i started losing (even more) sleep. he definitely shows signs of common reflux:

-constant or sudden crying or colic like symptoms

-irritability and pain

-poor sleep habits typically with frequent waking

-arching their necks and back during or after eating

-spitting-up or vomiting

-wet burp or frequent hiccups

-frequent ear infections or sinus congestion

we have our good days and our bad days. bad days are full of a sad colicky baby, changing my clothes as well as baby’s a minimum of 5 times, and soaking through multiple towels and recieving cloths, little to no sleep for baby, and feeling incredibly guilty that i can’t make it ease up for him. its obvious he’s in pain, and it breaks my heart.

we give him gripe water and kids relief colic solution (which is pricey considering the dose), but the instant it hits his tongue, relief floods over him. (although that may be the raspberry flavoring which i’m sure i extremely exciting to a 2 month old’s taste buds).  the main things that make a difference are burping him before feeding, and for at least 15 minutes following. keeping him upright for as long as possible too, which makes early mornings very long and tiring. because having all that acid creeping back up his throat is painful, i find nursing him just a little more a short period after a main feeding helps as well. we rock, and we cuddle, and we bathe, and we sing, and we do what we can to ease his discomfort, but it can be pretty disheartening.

and as much as i try to be a zen momma, sometimes i just can’t take being thrown up on while my darling little one screams in my ear and i need to thrust him into his daddy’s arms and hide in the shower for 15 minutes. and i’m starting to realize, that’s okay.


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