the only thing worse than trying to find maternity wear…

5 Jul

is trying to find nursing gear!

i don’t know about you other moms out there, but i don’t have $60+ to spend on a top with two zippers on either side to breastfeed in. let alone enough pieces to get me through the next year. not to mention, nursing clothes are ugly. if you don’t like wrap tops, or shirts with snaps, zippers, or multiple layers there isn’t much out there. not to mention most of them are not flattering, especially for those of us just starting to work on losing the weight we gained during pregnancy. plus, nursing pads show through my bra and end up as big lumpy targets through my shirts.

even second hand, i have had a hell of a time finding things i would wear, let alone are flattering or in my size. i take back all my complaining about finding maternity wear!

i’ve been scouring the web trying to find some solutions/suggestions, and its been tough. here are a few posts on blogs i’ve found helpful.


post here


post here


post here

definitely more inspiring than your traditional nursing clothes, though not all my style. now to go out and find some key items to add to my warerobe so the mister can have back his paula abdul shirt. i’ve been living in it since the little one was born, and i think its probably high time i change it up a little.

any of you moms out there have nursing style advice? i want to hear it!


One Response to “the only thing worse than trying to find maternity wear…”

  1. Lindsay Nault July 6, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Hey I knew Erik in high school and we’re fbook friends. I saw some of your cute pictures and found your blog here. Maternity wear is really tricky. I got a bunch of bras from Thyme maternity that were actually cute (although a bit pricey) and I now wear soft bras from American apparel. No matter what, you will probably have to spend some money to get some good ones. I’m still breastfeeding at 18 months so it was a good investment for me. As far as shirts go, I stuck with low neck soft material shirts that can be pulled down easily. I hope that’s a little helpful. Cute baby and blog!

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