tummy achin’

4 Jul


the last few days have been tough.

the little one’s stomach seems to be hurting him with very little breaks and it kills me to hear his painful little screams and not be able to make it stop. we’ve been giving him gripe water, but it doesn’t seem to help much. plus he can’t seem to stay asleep long enough to get a good rest before he’s up spitting up or pooping or hungry or just crying.

by the afternoon i’m exhausted and at my wits end trying to calm him. and just when i feel ready to give up and cry, he falls alseep… a welcome relief , but it makes me feel a little insane. what i wouldn’t give for a few hours to myself! welcome to motherhood right?

i do my best to always keep a gentle smile shining down at him, and try to laugh at it all when i can. this won’t last forever, and i know in a few months i will miss him being so very very small, so i try as hard as i can to enjoy every moment that i can.

moment like this

(yes, he is wearing a dusty pink onsie.)

good news is he is getting better at sleeping without me (when he actually does sleep). soi’ve been putting him down in the bassinet from his strolled (it detatches) and that way i can move him around the house with me as i do thing like shower or clean, and the sun canopy allows me to do so without the lights waking him up. he seems to be learning to self soothe himself back to sleep a little bit in there as well which is a welcome break to say the least! and if not, he’s always within arms reach.

overall, he is a gem and i couldn’t be happier to be this tiny human’s mother.

sometime i just need a little quiet. ❤


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