our first big day out!

8 Jun

and we didn’t take any pictures! ug.

it was beautiful out! we woke up and got ready- popped cedar in his car seat and drove to fernwood! we have a convertible car seat so it will work until he’s 30 pounds or so,which is awesome!but right now he just drowns in it. i find it a little unnerving and spent most of the drive checking to see if he was breathing,

we sat in the sun at sipping coffee in fernwood square with a friend and cedar snoozed like a little kitten in the sun. we nursed in the car while daddy looked at plants then drove to our favourite compacting herbal shop to pick up some supplies. we’re there a lot so they were all so excited to see the baby! had our first back-seat diaper change (very successful!) and came home.

it was so lovely to be out and about. i ❤ our zen baby

we cuddled lots at home and daddy set to work making tinctures and salves since we’re going to be selling our woodland deer products at the fern fest!

info here

heck, our day was so successful, we walked to the grocery store with the babe bundled up in the stroller and not only did he sleep through our peaceful evening walk, but then slept in his cradle for the first time and long enough for me to shower, eat and make a cup of tea.


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