Cedar Glenn Arthur Blair

8 Jun

may 31st 2011 at 5:25am exactly, we welcomed our son to the world.

i had a whirlwind labour to say the least.

around 10pm that night my water broke (just after the mister left for work). at our last midwife appointment, our midwife had determined that the baby hadn’t completely dropped yet, so there was some concern that if my water broke before he dropped, his umbilical cord may prolapse (come out before he does, which is dangerous). so i called her up and she came to our house. yes my water had broken, and the baby had dropped so she said take some gravol and get some sleep cause by the morning i should be in labour! and off she went. i remember looking in the mirror at my belly and suddenly being terrified to have this tiny being be outside of me.

(last photo of me pregnant at 36 weeks)

well, i took the gravol and before i knew what hit me i was having some pretty mighty contractions. i’d done my homework, i thought i knew what to expect to some degree. i was expecting to labour through some mild contractions for a few hours and build up to full on labour. well this little baby had other ideas let me tell ya! close to 1am i was texting daddy to come home and quick!

my contractions were mere minutes apart and very strong (at this point i’m wondering if this is “mild” and if i’m just a real whimp or what!) so we called our midwife again. she suggested a bath to try and slow things down a bit. i hopped right in and it worked for a while… a very short while. then i was on the move- desperate to find a position that would offer me any amount of relief, but to no avail.

by 3 am i felt like i needed to push and when i wasn’t able to speak to the midwife on the phone i was in so much pain, she suggested we meet at the hospital. they say its the longest drive of your life when you’re rushing to give birth, and its true alright. by the time we got there i was fully dilated and ready to start pushing.

it was the single most terrifying experience of my life and i cannot say how thankful i am that we had our midwife. my confidence was almost gone and she sat in front of me and looked deep into my eyes and told me to trust myself and not be afraid. i couldn’t have done it without her guidance, or my husband’s support.

an hour of pushing and suddenly there he was.

7.5 hours from water breaking to the birth of my 9 pound 1 ounce son.

(his head resembled a mayan crystal skull from being born lol. one of the first things i thought when i first saw him ❤ it was normal within hours)

he had a small amount of fluid in his lungs and was just too mellow to let out a good cry to get it out, so he needed some attention from the nurses while i got a couple stitches and cleaned up. also because i am on antidepressants and he had low blood sugar he was jittery and a pediatrician came in to check him out.

finally he was all mine.

i cannot explain the overwhelming joy and calm i felt.

we wheeled down to the mother and babe ward and that’s when my memory goes a little hazy. we just got busy settling in together and resting. daddy sent out messages to everyone and so started our lives together.


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