easter… very late.

9 May

once you procrastinate blogging (or anything else for that matter) it can take a lot to jump back in!

since the baby is full term in one week! and due in just 4 i have taken it as a very large excuse to do very little but relax. which i’m sure is reccommended, however the longer i leave things the harder to come back to they are. so without further ado, here are some photos from our wonderful easter visit with the little one!


the park!

coming from alberta, not having to wear a jacket outside was quite exciting for this little girl!

“the throne” where we play king, queen and princess

then to my aunt and uncles for my cousin’s birthday dinner

she could not get over the abundance of flowers here. most of our trip was spent picking little boutques.

they have a trampoline for which i am eternally grateful lol!


beacon hill park!

it was another gorgeous day here. the park was packed though and the ducks had obviously been fed since early morning and only a goose was interested in the seed we brought to feed them.

we found spring mushrooms though!

and we made wishes on dandilions

and picked flowers for nana

we even found this little “flower”!

so we picked her! and took her home to play in the garden

by the time we got home it was hot enough to play with the hose! and slather on more sunscreen. let me tell you, you know a child has been living somewhere cold when they are excited to put on sunscreen.

she planted her part of our garden with pink flowers and pumpkins

we played with lots of worms too



after we found all our loot (and consumed more than perhapes we should have) we dyed easter eggs for the first time!

daddy is a pro

after that we drove (the extra extra long way so we could nap) to nana’s house

we went for a walk after our easter lunch to a beautiful lookout. unfortunately our camera died right after this next photo was taken.

overall it was a splendid day.


day 4 of our visit ended up being a little mixed up. we thought the little one was flying back with her mum that day so we spent it saying good-bye and hanging out. we even drove to the airport (much to our eternal guilt) only to find out she flew out the next evening. luckily her mommy was kind enough to drive over to our house for hugs and after that the little one was right as rain again.

we went out for a special lunch at our favourite place- John’s Place.

this little turkey must be growing because when asked if she wanted pancakes or a grilled cheese she insisted on both AND not only ate all of both, but then had yet ANOTHER griller cheese!

we spent a lot of our day at home cuddling and playing and talking to the baby

and despite it being the wrong day, we did have fun playing at the airport


the sun came out to play again, and although it was a little windy we spent almost all day at our favourite parks

this little girl loves her daddy so much

we even took the cat for a walk in the yard

little one wore a dress that belonged to her nana when she was her age. she just adores it.

like daddy like squirt

wearing my glasses

even her blankie came along to the park (though me and daddy held onto it most of the time)

it was a wonderful visit all around. we both got so many hugs and kisses and “i love you”s. the little one got to spend so much time outside and in our garden and getting excited for her little brother’s arrival. (whom she thinks we should name boaty. we’ve argreed that that can be a special nickname she can have for him, but perhapes not his real name.

i can’t wait until june for her next visit when she’ll get to meet him.


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