24 weeks

2 Mar

some days it feels like longer, other days it feels as if i’ve just started my pregnancy. its so much more fun now i can feel all his little (and some not so little!) movements. he’s still rather sneaky when daddy tried to feel him kicking, but i’m pretty sure daddy is either calming, or he thinks its funny to hide.

now i have a more obvious pregnancy belly, and less of a “did she just gain weight akwardly” belly, i’m feeling much better. not to mention finally finding a pair of maternity jeans that fit.

the other week i set to work on something special for the little one for when her baby brother comes. she is such a little champ about becoming a big sister! so i made her this special felt badge

i can’t wait to pin it on her little shirt ❤

i have finally completed the baby’s quilt! i had SO much fun making it. i didn’t measure, i didn’t iron, it isn’t straight, and i love it. it is cozy and made with so much love.

‘for the centre i used this mermaid image i cut off of a t-shirt i found that didn’t fit. she’s a little sexy for a baby quilt, but i think its beautiful. (hopefully he will too when he’s old enough to not think girls have cooties)


there is hardly anything more rewarding than making things for children. i can hardly put down my knitting/sewing needles and sleep. i think once the baby’s knitted blanket is complete, i will make a similar one for his big sister (with some princess things and butterflies sewn on i’m sure).

until then,

here is her fabourite song, hope you enjoy. ❤



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