blue – refresh the spirit

1 Mar

ice blue soap


while visiting the little one last week, the mister and her picked me out a soap from Lush! he apparently had his eyes on a different one for me, but nope! ice blue was the one for me she said! it is amazing. probably one of the most refreshing soaps i have ever used. sea salt and peppermint, it is fresh and cool and totally reminds me of mermaids, which is i am sure, what made the little one love it. ❤

violet cortinarious + bird’s nest mushrooms crewel kit

this beautiful crewel kit from Custom House via Purl Soho is so beautiful! i have done a lot of embroidery and the likes, but never crewel. i inheritated a decent size collect of crewel thread and think perhapes i should give it a shot one of these days.

rocket popsicles


as parenthood quickly approaches, i’ve been thinking more and more about my own childhood. the other day i was thinking of when i first lived in an area where we had an ice cream truck and how my heart would pound with anticipation to hear its annoying tune crying out. rockets were probably one of my favourites, and i cannot wait until it is hot enough to enough to enjoy one again.

the blanket i am knitting

i can’t get enough of this colour! (i can get enough of this seemingly endless project though!) by far the biggest one i have undertaken so far, but it sure feels good to hold up half a baby blanket and know i’ve done it in 3 days! can’t wait to cast off my last stitches.

wynken blynken and nod

always one of my favourite poems before bed as a child, and i’ve started reading it to the baby. such a calming story- dreaming of being rocked in a boat in the clear dark blue sky.

blue bridge

we will be saying good-bye to this bridge in the some-what near future, as the battle to save it was lost recently. it has always been a part of my live, and the lives of all us victorians. i dread the day it is no longer with us.

blue sky organic sodas


creamy, delicious, organic, and 79¢ what more could one ask for.


One Response to “blue – refresh the spirit”

  1. mandiegirl March 9, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    I LOVE Lush! I bought a few things from their store while on vacation in December! Smells SO good!

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