pink – spring on the mind

28 Feb

with the sudden on set of snow, and the dreary days of winter adding up, i am finally feeling a little anxious for spring. i certainly should not be complaining, i know. before our whole whopping  9 inches of snow fell, there were flowers blooming, and as the snow melts, the grass is still green underneath. i am well aware of how blessed i am to live in such a mild place, but i could really use some warmth, and some sunshine.

here are some pink things that have been on my mind as i dream of blossoms and vitamin d.

seed stitch knitting

after 16 years of knitting, i figured it was time to learn a new stitch. and seed stitch was the one i picked. this beautiful image, and the tutorial i used to learn is from The Purl Bee. i’ve started making the baby a blanket in a beautiful deep turquoise wool with an alternating pattern of seed stitch and ribbing. i’ll post a photo soon.

japanese sour cherry tea

we recently discovered this Silk Road tea. it is divine. a mix of sour cherry and japanese green tea, its like spring in your cup, which i could use these days.

raspberry ginger ale


i am not a girly-girl, but i admit, i am a sucker for pink bubbly drinks. raspberry ginger ale rates pretty high. (as does sparkling blush wine! mmm i can’t wait until the baby is born and i can celebrate with a little cup of that!) its refreshing, its adorable, and it makes me feel a little silly.

carnelian stone

believed to help promote self esteem and decision making, it is a power motivator. it is used to help one overcome stress and align your body, mind, and spirit. also, for acceptance and protection from negative energies. i have a beautiful disk sort of shaped piece i keep in my pocket. i rub it when i’m stressed or tired- often without even noticing.

kyoto autumn leaves incense

i was first given this incense by my parents when i was about 13. it has been my favourite ever since. now i’ve got the mister on it as well! we burn this everywhere. every room of our house, even the car! it is divine.

i hope spring finds us soon.


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