27 Feb

we spent the day inside since the mister has the night off, and it was pissing with rain today. he was busy making candles and pressure cooking so he tucked me onto the couch with my knitting and put on akira for me. he came back near the end to find me rather uniterested and confused. (i can follow a story plot! and i like anime, but akira just did nothing for me).

our conversation when like this:

me: why is his head so big? i don’t understand why they’re all so ugly.

erik: he’s evolving!

me: oh great, there’s his stupid girlfriend. wearing the same thing. oh wait, she put on another shirt. the same as the one they ripped off of her…. why does she still like him? those guys tried to rape her and he didn’t even care. jeez.

erik: MINOR DETAIL! he’s evolving into some kind of bio-mechanical thing- expanding to become the new univerese, but whatever dear.

me: oh… i missed that part.

erik: see! he’s becoming the new univerese. does it matter?

me: … i still dont get why they’re all so ugly.


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