mama cat

15 Feb

our cat is a funny creature. as most felines are. she doesn’t mind being dressed up. or carried around in a bag, or going for car rides

(ok, so maybe she minds a little bit when we put doll bibs on her)

it may be spring, it may be going into heat, it may be my hormones effecting our cat, but she has been a funny little duck lately! since she was a kitten, a stuffed unicorn has been her favourite toy. she drags it around, attacks it, hides it, leaves it random places standing up on its feet.

but recently, she seems to be mothering it. she meows at it and nudges it. she cleans it and takes it with her where ever she is sleeping. she’s tucked it into bed with us, hid it in a little nest of clothes behind our dresser, nestles it into pillows and cuddles it. its painfully adorable. we do worry a bit if it may mean she is lonely, but we have been pumping up cuddle times to the max and she still is lovingly attached to her baby unicorn.

whatever the reason, she is one sweet little kitten, and a heck of a mama cat to that baby unicorn.


2 Responses to “mama cat”

  1. Auny Emowy February 16, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    Remember the first time she attacked it? we were all crying we were laughing so hard!

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