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14 Feb

i have finally started sewing for the baby! it is so much fun to sew for little people.

after a stressful view of diaper bags, and the ridiculous price tag that comes with them, i decided to take what i consider to be, the logical route! buy a nice big purse or shoulder bag with lots of pockets and buy or make a change pad. because really, unless you are bottle feeding and want a purse with bottle pockets or built in bottle warmers, thats really the only thing that sets diaper bags apart. and maybe they come with a wipe case. but seeing as i plan on using cloth wipes, even that is useless for me.

so diy change pad, here i come!

i bought some gorgeous oil cloth, found a great tutorial and got to work

TUTORIAL from Prudent Baby

my finished travel change mat.

sewing oil cloth can be tough work. i found my stitches were too close together which caused my oil cloth to puncture too much and rip at the seams a bit, so i added bias tape around the edges of mine. if you are planning on making one i highly recommend NOT going with oil cloth as i found out only upon completing mine, this it is no longer rated food safe for children! i was pretty upset. i adore oilcloth, i had spent a decent amount of money on a yard of it, and yet its not safe! the mister convinced me that the baby would not spend much time bare bummed on it, and it was fine for us to use while out (i had originally considered tossing it.) sigh.

next up, cloth wipes!

i figure if we are going to cloth diaper, we may as well be using cloth wipes. the amount of additives and chemicals in disposable wipes is frightening, i remember a few times when we tried a new brand of wipes it made the little one cry, she said that they burned, and when i tried it myself to see, it really did! we read the package and found all sorts of irritants in it.

i bought 3 yards of unbleached fleece and wiped off about 26 of these. they are double layed and just zig-zag stitched around the edges. mine are approx. 8″ x 8″ but dont be afraid to make them whatever size you want! or a variety of sizes for home and on the go. i’ll wash them 4-6 times as you would cloth diapers before use. this softens them, and also helps pull off any frayed edges you may encounter if you are using zig-zag rather than a serger.

i also started sewing some spit up cloths using some super soft second hand towels and vintage cottons, and sewing soft vintage flannel and jersey onto flannel baby blankets for some added softness and flare.

up next on my list of project:

baby drool bandanas!

tutorial here on happy bunny day

most flattering shirt dress from prudent baby

tutorial here

and a few others i will post soon!




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