we got a stroller

28 Jan

first off there are two things i need to express

1) how cheap i am. i spend money when i need to (and often when i don’t), but when it comes down to big spending i have anxiety attacks. even smaller things i will cheap out on. (like paying $4 for a bottle of juice that i will drink for 4 days, which is clearly worthwhile), i will always go for the sale item instead. somethings i will pay good money for, such as paying the extra for organic/ethical/eco-friendly etc.

2) i was reluctant to even buy a stroller, or register for one. we plan on using the ergo carrier we received off of our registry as much as possible, and a stroller just didn’t seem top priority to us (especially since i didn’t find a single one i liked under $500).

the original egro baby carrier

(top rated, stylish, VERY comfortable, and daddy-friendly!)

HOWEVER! my family being the ones to be helping us with most necessities for the baby absolutely insist we get a stroller (and i’m sure i would regret it if i didn’t have one at my disposal right from the get go), so today my mum and i went stroller shopping


i will also say that everything on my registry or items we plan on buying for ourselves i have researched and price checked and bargain shopped for. nothing went on that registry unless i could not find it cheaper elsewhere, or it was an item that quality could not be cheaped out on. this being said, i had researched the stroller i PLANNED on getting today the night before and was finally settled on it.

the pacific stroller from icoo

it was $500, but stylish, good reviews, nice colour, pram style i adore, durable and adjustable. just right i think.

apparently not.

within 1 hour of being in the store and the very helpful owner and friend explaining the pros and cons of every stroller they carry (which just left me feeling rather dizzy and confused as to which if any of the strollers they even liked that they carried), i suddenly found my mother making a deal with the owner on the VERY best (and most expensive!) stroller they sell.

the legandary bugaboo cameleon.

now, i will not lie, this is the stroller of my dreams. it is the Cadillac of strollers with endless possibilities to its positioning, easy fold up, bassinet that comes off for carrying, interchangable wheels for different terrain, (including an amazing 2 wheel position for on the beach), and all sorts of other amazing things.

but it is painfully expensive.

and even now as it sits in its box across the room from me, begging to be opened and set up, and played with, i still cannot help wondering if it was a mistake to let my mother walk out the store with that box in her arms.

UGGG. why can’t i just be eternally gratefull for this luxury i would never be able to afford for myself?

why? because it cost $1000.00

she did throw in an amber teething necklace i was in love with though

and the custom colour (i chose dark brown) fabric upholstry for the stroller.

but i’m still choking on the price…


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