it was a party. a very little party.

25 Jan

the remaining days of my birthday were quiet and wonderful.

i say days because the mister agreed to allow me to expand my birthday to encompass a 3 day period. how lovely is he?!

my REAL birthday was spent peacefully with him milling around shops and having a surprisingly difficult time finding anything but soap i wished to buy, then coming home and watching 16 candles and eating birthday cake with the cat.

i texted my mum at 7:32pm (the time i was born) and felt overwhelming loved that she too was watching the clock for that exact moment as well.

i fell a little under the weather with a very tender lymph node and climbed into bed with a warm hot water bottle tucked under my chin, but nothing could ruin my sense of joy. it was still a wonderful day with my mister.

today, i awoke and announce (again) that it was my birthday! yay! i ate cherrios with the cat (our new morning routine), and then headed out with the mister for some quick running around before coming home to skype with the little one.

later that evening my beloved best friend hannah came over to celebrate my day of birth. she brought me beautiful flowers, snacks and non-alcoholic tasty drinks! hooray!

we laughed the way only your closest friends can make you laugh without any alcohol or even great amounts of sugar.

we watched funny youtube cat videos and turned everything each other said into dirty jokes the way only 12 year old boys seem to be able to.

then we had nanaimo bars with little candles in them and both made our wishes (hey, we’re grown ups. we can both have candles can’t we? its not like it was really my birthday any more.)

berlin even helped!

after we blew out our candles hannah proceeded to explain to me how she had wanted to get me one of those small round birthday cakes, however all the ones they had had at the grocery store looked as though someone had shat on them…..

i looked down at the brown chunky melting nanaimo bar in my hand and replied “so you decided to get nanaimo bars?”

yes. it was that kind of night.

and to top it all off, when i took a bath afterwards i felt the baby kicking outside my tummy for the first time! i was tapping my toes at the edge of the tub when i felt a very strong kick! if only the mister had been home to feel it. but it was a perfect end to the perfect birthday weekend


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