happy birthday to me

22 Jan

tomorrow i will be 23.

so tonight my family and i had dinner.

i have always given my mother something on my birthday. whether a card or flowers, her birthing me was never forgotten. this year i finally truly understood what celebrating that means as i approach bringing my child into this world- giving them their birthday.

i couldn’t be more thankful for her than i am today.

my mother made me a raspberry bavarian cream cake. it is the first birthday cake she has ever made me, and it was divine. (i have a very talented aunt who was usually in charge of all family cakes, it wasn’t that my mum didn’t care.)

and i blew out all the candles. and i felt loved, and i felt excited like you wish every child to on their birthday.

and i remember feeling like this and wanting to burst with joy.

and then i laughed because i realized i have the same bangs now as i did when i was 3.

and it was wonderful.


One Response to “happy birthday to me”

  1. Moe February 15, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    So glad your birthday was rad! That cake looks delicious!!!

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