under the weather

10 Jan

i’ve been feeling a tad under the weather lately, but i’ve been doing my best to shrug it off. this morning (or early afternoon as it was), i woke, but couldn’t bring myself to do more than snuggle on the couch and watch a movie while i ate my cheerios

i watched batman the movie from 1966

the cat was enthralled with it, and sat atop the tv and pawed at the screen. unfortunately she stopped the second i pulled out the camera.

lee meriwether is such a delight as catwoman. I’d say she’s probably my favourite. (although julie newmar is a complete babe! and the catwoman i grew up seeing in reruns of the original tv show)

the quotes are wonderful

Robin: Gosh, drinking’s sure a filthy thing isn’t it? I’d rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes.
Batman: Uhuh.


Riddler: You and your trained, exploding shark!
Penguin: How was I to know they’d have a can of shark repellent Bat-spray handy?


the “riddles” are my favourite

Batman: Look at this pair of joking riddles.
Chief O’Hara: [reads] What does a turkey do when he flies upside down?
Robin: He gobbles up!
Chief O’Hara: Of course.
Batman: And, number two…
Commissioner Gordon: [reads] What weighs six ounces, sits in a tree and is very dangerous?
Robin: A sparrow with a machine gun!
Commissioner Gordon: Yes, of course.


Batman: [reading a riddle] What has yellow skin and writes?
Robin: A ball-point banana!
Batman: [reads the second riddle] What people are always in a hurry?
Robin: Rushing people… Russians!
Batman: So this means…
Robin: Someone Russian is going to slip on a banana and break their neck!
Batman: Precisely, Robin!

a little while later the mister woke and we looked out the window to find it was snowing!

thank goodness it didn’t last more than an hour and this was about the extent of it.

the cat has been hard to find these days and i have finally figured out why!

can you see her tiny little head poking out?

she’s found a comfy box up high to call her own

my sinus’ are killing me, and after a warm bath, lots of steam and a hot cloth over my face with no relief, i figured i should trudge to the doctors.

after a mighty long wait, i found i had a mild fever and a sinus infection. boo.

i was given antibiotics to take if my fever continued and if i chose to take them. my fever seems to have eased off so i am waiting before i decide to take them.

the sinus infection wont hurt the baby, but the side effects of antibiotics taken while pregnant are not concrete. i wish this decision was easier to make. i’ll call my midwife in the morning and see what she suggests.

in the mean time i have lemon tea, some natural sinus spray, and a stack of movies to watch.

good night one and all.


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