lazy sunday

9 Jan

yesterday i got a snoogle pillow

and i got one of the best, most comfortable sleeps i have had since this baby started growing like a little weed. i highly recommend to anyone who is expecting.

my day started out with my cat being ridiculously adorable and in dire need of love. which in turn, made me late for a late bunch date. luckily the friend i was meeting loves her cats as much as i do mine, so it was a reasonable excuse for her. ❤

after a wonderful visit and lunch with my darling friend, the mister came and picked me up and we went to the park to feed the ducks

leave the duckies alone!

after the mister’s kidnapping attempt (no ducks were injured i swear), word spread fast through the duck pond and they wouldn’t come within a few feet of us. so we left them to eat the remaining seeds in peace.

18 week baby belly!

it was a beautiful day. it felt so good to be out and about and see some sunshine.

i have definitely reached a constant need to eat phase of my pregnancy, so when we got home i dove into this delectable snack

broiled open-faced sandwich

apple slices, chopped cashews, with marble cheddar melted on top. to die for.

now if only i could convince myself to get up and do some unpacking.. hmm. maybe tomorrow.


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