good eats

8 Jan

last night we went over to my mother-in-laws to have dinner with her and my brother-in-law before we drove him to the airport to return to alberta. we had a wonderful visit- the mister, the m.i.l and the b.i.l all sat on their computers and i knit lol. very formal indeed.

we ate a delicious taco salad

and we did spend some lovely time together.


i don’t often cook, but when i get the urge to do so, i really do enjoy it.

so i dug through my recipe books (they rarely see the light of day), and made a nice long easy grocery list and went to town this morning.

i made a greek pasta salad

and a mesa chicken salad (shown without the chicken lol)

next up on the list:

apple dutch baby from fish food

recipe here

guacamole from laa loosh

recipe here

(i’m planning on leaving out some ingredients for simplicity sake)

easy chicken fajitas from martha stewart

recipe here

happy eats everyone


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