moved at last

6 Jan

huge sigh of relief, we are finally moved! hooray.

we had an awesome final day with the little one. had lunch with my family and hung out and cuddled and played.

her giant jar of pickles! (she needed a little help holding it up!)

little one’s chickadee shirt from our beautiful friends at floating gold iceberg

her and daddy playing with her magical princess piano book

matching chins hehe

she is the bravest little bug i know. all smiles while saying good-bye. she gave the baby a special kiss and said good-bye. i think she was probably braver about it than we were. i miss her terribly already, but i am so thankful for this visit, and i cannot wait to introduce her to her little brother or sister.


after the emotional overhaul of saying good-bye to the little bug, we had no time to rest. we torn down the tree and started packing at top speed. you never realize how much stuff you have until you have to start sorting it all into boxes. jeez.

reluctant to rise

no one comes between this cat and her daddy during their morning cuddles

we started moving at 9:30 am and between moving and cleaning (to which i owe my mother more than i could ever repay for her help since i was a) overwhelmed and b) pregnant and unable to use bleach and the likes). we ended at 6:30 on new years eve and could barely walk in the door of our new place.

finally after a few hours of struggling, i had the bed made. the poor cat jumped up instantly and lay down purring. home to her is where our bed is.

we couldn’t figure out how to turn on the heat and spent our first night shivering (turns out we have heat vents in the ceiling we merely need to turn to open or close to control the heat). the mister djed that night, and i climbed into bed and fell asleep instantly. i do not think the baby enjoyed moving as i had terrible stomach aches and pains. i promised it we would never move again until they were old enough to stay at grandma’s while we did it ourselves.

we’re settling in. still have a ways to go, but we love it. it is a dream to throw on a load of laundry in the kitchen and sit down to a cup of tea and knitting while waiting for it to be done.

we have so many things ahead of us, but i feel like we’re in the right direction. we just have to keep going.

here’s to what 2011 may bring.



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