where am i? what day is it?

27 Dec

hmm. monday. just 1 more day before the little one goes back to alberta.

just 2 more days until we begin moving.

i feel torn. i desperately want to get the moving over and done with, but i am heartbroken at the knowledge i wont see that little girl again until easter.

we had a good morning. we ate pancakes smothered in jam and watched cartoons together all morning and laughed.

we played in our tent and with all her new toys, then woke up daddy and went into town.

turns out, out of all her new toys, a squishy shark and a wiggley wooden dachshund that you can paint yourself (which we failed to notice was missing a leg, and its tail had fallen off) are her favourite.

(wigglesworth and sharky)

we had coffee first before heading out to do some shopping

the little one had received money from her great-grandparents for x-mas and was itching to spend it. she ended up being a very savvy little shopper- turning down all the thrills of a big toys store and spending her money on many little treasures, most of which managed to be on sale!

her with all her goodies

we made her mommy some x-mas presents and did some thank you cards and decorated the kitty some more (she’s so attention starved, she’ll let you do anything to her right now, just as long as you pet her)

poor old cat.

we told the squirt about the baby, and she has been so sweet about it. she touches my belly and tells everyone that there is a baby in there. she’s always very careful and says “i’ll be gentle with your baby.” i have no doubt she is going to be a wonderful big sister.

(a picture she drew of the baby)

we had a pizza and a movie night and all cuddled together before her and daddy went off to bed.

what a wonderful day.


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