christmas- a day late

27 Dec

well, christmas morning did not go as planned.

the little one woke up around 7am and cuddled and talked and then asked to watch a movie. i was a little dumbfounded, and had to remind her that santa probably came last night and did she want to go see.

she said sure, but certainly wasn’t bursting with the excitement you expect from a 3 year old. so off we went down the hall.

then she turns to me and says “santa isn’t real” oh so matter-of-factly.

i was speechless. i studdered to argue but then she turned the corner and saw her presents, and was deaf to any arguement i may have made.

she still seemed rather impressed with the fact that santa had left part of the cookie we left him (although it may have been because we told her she could eat it!)

luckily her presents we all a hit. and she was rather amazed at the amount of loot she poured from her stocking

her favourites of the early morning we her fishing game (see here) and her kalidascopes

after we opened our gifts and daddy went back to bed for a while (he had to dj the night before), our family came over to spend time with the little one and play.

we watched “the year without a santa claus.”

she managed to stickify her entire face while eating a candycane!

unfortunately the excitement and candy led to some massive tantrums and i had to politely ask our guests to go home so we could have a bath and some quiet time. (bath happened, but the quiet time was no use).

we did manage to play quietly for a while, but most of the day was spent with her screaming and kicking. even the cat was crabby. poopy.

we tried to go outside and play by the ocean, but we got caught in the middle of a rainstorm and had to turn back.

oh well.

after dinner, we went for a drive with her nana and aunty elsie to see all the christmas lights and went peacefully to bed.

the mister and i had a good cuddle and laugh that night and turned in early.



One Response to “christmas- a day late”

  1. Rainier December 30, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    Aw, the “Santa isn’t real” part sounds disappointing, but she is an astute wee one, isn’t she?

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