happy christmas everyone

25 Dec

the little one flew in this morning to spend christmas with us. the best gift we could ask for.

my goodness, how she has grown! i could hardly even believe it. no more pudgy little baby thighs! she’s grown a whole inch, and she is a riot!

(this is one of her with her daddy, and the magic-princess-wands he made her for x-mas)

she’s been saying the funniest things since she walked in the door.

we cuddled up and ate candy and baby oranges, and watched the grinch who stole christmas (original cartoon).

this afternoon we ended over to my mum and her partners house for christmas dinner and some presents. (because the little one arrived today, santa is coming to our house tonight)

(dizzying photo of us playing tag in the backyard)

we put a big red ribbon round the kitten’s neck and made her a christmas kitty! (much to her dismay)

we had a wonderful dinner with my mum, her partner, the husband’s mum and sister too. the little one ate more olives than i can count, and probably would not have eaten anything else other than chocolate for the rest of the night. we left with bags of leftovers and presents galore!

when we got home we set to leaving santa milk, and cookies- to which the little one asked “why?” seems she’s forgotten this part of christmas from last year.

then we read “the polar express” which my parents read to me every christmas eve. its such a lovely book.

when we got to the heart-felt ending, all she replied was “why he wanted a bell?” we had a pretty hardy laugh at that. guess the point of the story was a little lost on her. oh well, maybe next year.

happy holidays everyone.

more photos to come


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