reading list

16 Dec

the girl who played with fire

by stieg larsson

i am a mere 100 or so pages from finishing this book, and it has been a complete surprise every step of the way! i am completely enthralled and have not been able to put it down. i am devastated that stieg larsson has recently passed away, and that the three novels in this story are the only three we shall ever have.

the girl with the dragon tattoo

by stieg larsson

usually when a novel gets this much hype, i don’t bite. (perhaps things like twilight ruined my opinion of the general public’s choice in books), however i read this 800+ page book in under 3 days. it was unbelievable and i could not put it down. i’ve heard the movie changed the ending, and a few minor changes, but got the character’s appearances just right, so i can’t wait to watch it this week.

cat’s cradle

by kurt vonnegut

thoroughly enjoyable. who doesn’t enjoy a good kurt vonnegut book? definitely a good read in the tub

the family orchard

by nomi eve

i had reasonably high hopes for this book, however i found it incredibly frustrating and drawn out. i couldn’t even be bothered to read the last few pages (which i’m not sure i have ever done). it was supposed to be held together by a metaphor, but i felt the link was weak, forced, and totally overdone.

coming soon, my list of favourite children’s books



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