mum’s chicken pot pie recipe

10 Dec

a while back, my mother delivered me two home made chicken pot pies. they were amazing (as usual) and i wanted to share them on here, only problem being, my mother doesn’t have a recipe outside of her head. after some brain-wracking she emailed me the following ❤

Ok Little Chicken,

Take a whole chicken & put in a big stock pot, add 3 lrg carrots cut in
half, 1 lrg onion cut in half, 1 whole bulb of garlic pealed, 4 sticks
of celery cut in half, pepper and 3 Bay leaves. Fill pot with water
until just covering chicken and simmer for 1 hour. Drain chicken saving
the stock and discard the veggies but save the garlic to squeeze into
the stock juice. When chicken is cool enough to handle pull all the meat
off & set aside.
Cut the following veggies into bite size pieces to fry until browned:

                    10 mushrooms (or more to taste)
                    3 red peppers ( or orange/yellow)
                             1 large onion
    Set aside for later. Then chop 4 celery sticks, 4 carrots, 4
potatoes, into small pieces, and simmer in the stock until cooked then
strain the stock off into a bowl and set aside veggies for later.   Then
in the pot melt 5 tbl spoons of butter and add 5 tbl spoons of flour
stirring constantly to make a rue , cook for a few minutes then slowly
add the stock back stirring with a whisk  until smooth. Keep stirring
until stock thickens (if not thick enough make more rue and add some off
the stock and whisk until smooth and add to rest of stock to thicken
more) Not exact as it depends on amount of stock to thicken !! Once
stock is thickening add 1 cup of cream, a few shots of Lea & Perrins
Worcestershire sauce and extra chicken bullion to taste and stir. Once
stock is thick add all the veggies, and the meat(cut into bite size
pieces) Then add frozen peas to taste. Pour chicken stew into  pie
plates  then cover with pie pastry, making cuts in the pastry to vent.
Bake at 400 degrees for 45 min. or until bubbling and pastry is browned.
Follow pastry recipe on box of Crisco shortening .

This is a time consuming recipe but well worth it !! If you make small
pies they freeze nicely. You can put the pastry on the pies and freeze
them to bake later.

Love You Sweet Mouse,
Mommy Mouse

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