x-mas crafts

8 Dec

it wasn’t easy, but the mister and i tried to take a day off from worrying and do some crafts!

we took the kitty for a car ride to get beeswax and soup. mmmm.

when we got home i set to work making cards to send out with our x-mas cards with our new address.

i made these by printing off the retro caravans and then using my beloved letter stamps to stamp “we moved.” on the back i wrote our new address! how cute.

then i set to work on our actual x-mas cards. again with the letter stamps (its a lot more work than adding text to the print offs, but i adore it.

(deer photo i need to credit to so fawned. i googled fawn images and this came up, i wasn’t planning of selling them or anything so i didn’t source my image until later and then felt terribly guilty for using it without asking her!)

(i stamped “and a happy new year” on the inside.) my “s” stamp looks a little like an e, but oh well.

and while i was doing that, the mister was busy making some delicious beeswax candles! we’ll be selling them at



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