dear life

7 Dec

dear life, please get us through december.

dear house, please pack yourself.

(the cat says she’ll do it, but i don’t think her work ethics will get the job done)


– we have a kitty we’re not allowed to have and our apartment manager wants to show our place without notice anytime someone wants to see it. not cool.

– it is damn hard coming up with rent while not making any money

– moving dec. 31st and not celebrating x-mas in an empty apartment

– finding a job that will pay the bills, that does not require me to sell my soul

– i have a head cold/sinus infection coming on

– finding out quickly that everything i own seems to be breakable (example: my collection of over 10 deer skulls, and a multitude of tiny glass/porcelain jars and antiques.

(i apologize to all the trees that died so that i may have packing paper to wrap dead animals bones in)

and i’m sure there’s about a million other things bothering me right now, but that list is probably sufficient.



we’ve moved cards

(posted on freshly picked, from dandee’s etsy shop)

a length of these for the little one’s new room

(tutorial here)

make the little one a proper dress up box


oh not to mention all those x-mas presents i have to make.

i feel a headache coming on. i’m going to watch the nightmare before christmas and drink some o.j.


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