knit knit purl purl

4 Dec

i learned to knit when i was about 7 or so. i remember my grandmother had huge tubs of wool in the basement and i helped her untangle them and roll them all back into neat balls once again.

it took us days.

she bought me pink knitting needles if i remember correctly and a little stitch counter which i thought was the niftiest thing i had ever seen.

it took me a while, but once i got it, it was near impossible to get me to stop. i was hooked. as a child who prided herself on being able to multitask (to a ridiculous point- chewing gum, drinking juice, listening to music, watching tv, and drawing all at the same time, just to prove i could), being able to knit and watch a movie or talk was like a whole new world to me.

not to mention the fact that when you were done, you had something to show for it!

i never really progressed past knit purl. i don’t think it was the point of knitting for me. i prefer to let my hands do the work and my mind rest, so counting rows just doesn’t fit into my knitting equation.

so scarves, here i come once more

i knit knit purl purl this manly scarf for the mister.

its a nice chunky pattern, and i’m rather pleased with how it turned out considering how fast i whipped it off.

waiting to be knit, i picked up some heather green wool and a beautiful find of some turquoise vintage wool with mohair in it. how fun!


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