the mister is away

1 Dec

in the 3 years we’ve been together, we’ve never been apart for more than 1 week. how corny i know.

but its hard, we’re best friends, and we both have difficulty being apart.

the mister is off to visit the little one though, and for that i am happy. it makes missing him so much easier

to know he is cuddling and tickling his little girl. ❤


while he’s away, i’m managing the plants (jeez i hope none die, they dont like me like they do him. he’s got more than a green thumb, he’s got a green hand i swear!), managing the ebay (eek!) and eating chicken fingers!

(recipe for above chicken strips)

with me not working, and the mister supporting us both, money has been a bit of a squeeze. we’ve also found a beautiful little place to move into in january (yay!) however it’s going to be a miracle if we can pull christmas and moving off. so we’ve been selling off some unwanted clothes etc. here’s a few items i’ve currently got listed.

jax button up shirt

kensie pretty shirt

vintage lee denim jacket

fa la la owl jacket

vintage brown sweater

more vintage will be posted tomorrow or thursday. hopefully some stuff will sell. it can be so hit or miss.

i’ve started to knit again! its been quite a long time. the mister has the camera right now though, so photos will have to wait until he returns home! oh deer!

knit knit purl purl i ❤ you


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