saturday night is movie night

14 Nov

so the mister and i decided to go get some tasty snacks and rent a movie.

we’d watched silence of the lambs and hannibal the night before, so we decided on something a little more… cheerful

so we stocked up on some organic (and not so organic) treats- dill pickle chips, cheese puff, sour candies, and chocolate covered banana chips mmm and rented

Fantastic Mr. Fox

we are huge wes anderson fans, and both read roald dahl as kids.

i simply adored mr. fox’s son ash (played by jason schwartzman).

it was painfully sweet. definitely one i’d like to add to our movie collection.

the cat wasn’t too interested and the mister had already seen it with his little one, so they both napped while i watched and “awwed” and was sappy and swooning.

overall, a very lovely evening.

now i think i’ll watch it again.


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