sick days

25 Oct

well it started on friday, that dragging, napping feeling of exhaustion that comes with being sick.

by the afternoon at work i had to leave and have been between couch and bed ever since. yuck.

luckily, the view from our apartment is stunning this time of year. (this photo does not do it justice). i managed to snag this photo just as big wind storm was starting up saturday evening.

my wonderful husband made me pasta packed with iron to try and boost my energy a little. made with ground beef, and spinach off our deck. it sent my little heart (and tummy) soaring. yummy.

he also picked our sunflowers for me (well, really to save them from the storm, but still!)

i’ve been passing my time in exhaustion limbo reading

the welsh girl by david ho davies

its been on my list for a while, however i had dove into

anna karenina by leo tolstoy

which i have loved, until say page 350 when i was still not half way done and still felt i had been in the same conversation for the last 100 pages. i think, no matter how avid a reader i may be, this book will need to wait.

i have been listening to

land of talk

this song seems to be echoing in my head.

well, its back to bed for me. back before you know it.



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