the little one comes for a visit

23 Oct


well, after much anticipation, my beautiful step daughter came for her first visit home since moving with her mother in august.

we could not have been more excited.

first things first!

the park! we headed out to beacon hill park (with only a little hesitance from the munchkin, she wanted to stay home all day and play with her toys she hadn’t seen in a while!)

we brought lots of bird seed, and quickly became the center of what seemed like every ducks attention. they were eating out of our hands, and we were stealing soft duck pets.

then off to our favourite tree to climb!

we found this fun tree on our way to the swings!

that night we had pizza and movie night! daddy made us yummy pine mushroom and bacon pizza (and a Hawaiian for baby), and we cuddled up and watched Mulan

i had to work a short shift the next day, so the little one and i woke up early and had a special scrambled eggs and strawberry breakfast together before i went to work and her, daddy, and nana went out for a bike ride.


two peas in a pod

the next day we drove out to Babe’s Honey Farm. the little one just loves bees and honey!

baby fell asleep on the way, so daddy and i drove around and stumbled across a field of deer!

i made my loving husband pull over and take photos.

they were kind enough to give us a tour! we got to see how they take out the honey, and the wax. baby wasn’t super interested, but she was still pretty excited.

we picked out honey after, only couldn’t decided because daddy wanted green, and baby wanted pink. problem being, we already have pink honey.

so being the kind man he was at the farm, our tour guide went in the back, and stuck a pink AND a green sticker on our honey! and everyone was happy!

after much excitement, we went home and had cuddles and lunch before marching down to the beach.

we’ve been working hard on building the little one’s confidence and teaching her that she can do anything she tries! so we took this photo to remind her how great she is!

we found all sorts of treasure, put our fingers in sea anemones, drew in the sand, and climbed out to the little rocks as the tide went out.


but our weekend was coming to and end, and we had to bundle up and end off to the airport…

thank goodness for kaleidoscopes to make our journey brighter

and watching all the autumn leaves go by…

and as sad as she was (and us too) to say good-bye (for now), she was one proud little monkey for all the things that she can do, and for being so very brave.

good-bye little one.

we love you with all of our hearts.


One Response to “the little one comes for a visit”

  1. Auny Emowy October 24, 2010 at 1:00 am #

    Absolutely perfect.

    I love you all.

    I wish I could be there. so. much.

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