organic livin’

14 Sep

just a few of my favourite organic products i use in my house and on myself

laid back dish brush by full circle

made from bamboo with biodegradable head, bristles made from recycled material AND it works like a hot damn!

red marvel bathroom cleaner from enviro-wise

this is sold at our local soap exchange. between my bath teas, and the husband rinsing tubs he mixes soil in, (as well as the usual attack of regular soap scum), my bathtub takes quite a beating. i have tried all sorts of natural home remedies to clean it and none have worked….until now!

the guy sold me on it by putting a small drop on a dirty penny and showing it turn to a shining copper in front of my eyes. this stuff is a life saver!

foaming hand wash from method

it seems everyone is in love with method products! its nice to have environmentally conscience products available in nearly every grocery store instead of having to trek across town.

laundry detergent from vancouver only

i found this at capital iron for less than $5 a bag! its phosphate & nitrate free, comes in a recyclable bag, and its biodegradable. (unfortunate thing about the bag, is the ink usually rubs off). i mix it with borax and a little lavender. its wonderful.

fruit and veggie spray wash from nature clean

someone left a bottle of this in the kitchen at my work, and it is amazing! takes that chemical gleam off apples, and all the other residues and pesticides on your fruits and vegetables.

sea fresh toothpaste and pure beauty oil from jason

i’ve used jason products for years, and i don’t think they do anything poorly.

organic tampons from natracare

i’ve tried and tried to be an empowered woman who can don a diva cup and be proud to rinse it in the bathroom sink, but i just can’t do it. so i settle for organic tampons. these are certified organic, 100% cotton, chlorine-free, and made from plastic free biodegradable materials. how cool is that?

100% natural origin tinted moisturizer from physicians formula

sold at most drug stores, its organic and light weight. i have never had a problem with any of their products. they make really nice face powder as well.

replenishing pomegranate lip balm from burt’s bees

probably doesn’t require much explanation. burt’s bees aces everything they do in my view.


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