most treasured series: part 2

23 Aug

these are a few of my favourite belongings :

my grandmother had this hanging about her washing machine my entire life. i would stare at it and listen to the sounds of her and my grandfather in their basement, and daydream. i found it in value village. i have yet to remember to ask her if she gave her’s away and i paid $6 to get it back, or if i found an exact copy.

my christmas/birthday present from my mother- the gift of vision. beautiful 1930’s vision. i have never loved wearing glasses more than the moment i put these on.

a wedding present we received from two beloved friends.

a brexton picnic case, complete with sterling silver cutlery and china cups.

one of my favourite photos of myself. age 2.

a jewelery box my step dad brought me back from Japan

the treasures i kept in it as a child

1) the note my mum put in my lunch my first day of grade 4

2) old $2 bill

3) plastic monster finger puppet that my friend and i had as friendship tokens

4) a brooch from my great grandmother

5) a round piece of sodalite my grandparents bought me when we took a train to nanaimo

6) a butter knife from my great grandmother

7) butterfly wings from a faerie incense holder my parents bought me

8 ) earrings from my great grandmother

9) a small sterling silver orca brooch from my parents

10) my baby teeth

my stuffed leopard (named Leopard). i was given him by my aunty teresa when i was 1, and still sleep with him to this day. he has only recently just stopped smelling mildewy after i bathed him when i was 4.

my favourite photograph of my biological father.

inscription on back:

hamilton, ontario 1971

“look who just got up then!”

secret log box that was my step dad’s.

1) ring from the top of a beer bottle from my friend who passed away

2) the key to my steamer trunk

3) pin of military service from my step dad

4) an acorn

5) a small key and heart that my mother left in the box when she gave it to me


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