lazy evenings in the park

23 Aug

it seems the more peaceful and down to earth my life becomes, the more chaotic and stressful my job gets. the balance between work and home has become harder and harder to maintain lately, so we’ve been trying to make the best of ever off-work moment.

since erik’s a dj and i work 9-5, finding time together is no easy feat so

we’ve been going on bike-dates after i get off work

other half.

we’re so in love, even our bikes spoon.

its not just the photo. my head is much larger than his.

cheers to our sanity.

all the makings for a good picnic- snacks, drinks, fringe fest guide, organic chocolate, and a blanket.

sometimes we forget how such simple acts of restoration and recuperating from the everyday life can make the difference between being alright and fighting to keep your head above water. we’ve been struggling with the little one being so far away, i think we forgot to take some time to sit still; to watch as the world continues spinning.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”

-the dalai lama


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