west coast living

10 Aug

my husband’s daughter has recently become “super girl” or (depending on the activity/mood) “strong girl”

and what super kid doesn’t deserve a cape!

felt with a cotton lining. keeps them warm at the park, and saves on the put-your-sweater-on argument !

fresh crab claw

the center of my universe

her mum and her have moved to edmonton for a while, and we find our lives suddenly hollow. we’re doing the best we can. doing what we can to fill our days.

those who know me, know i rarely ever cook. (i am one of those very rare wives that have a husband that cooks for her, and i couldn’t be more thankful for that!) but occasionally i do!

my favourite cookbook is an old one of my mum’s that she was kind enough to give me

my favourite recipe

today she bought me another from the moosewood crew

the enchanted broccoli forest

i’m pretty excited to dive into this one

Woodland Deer

with an abundance of free time (hah!) we are FINALLY getting down to work on the store

tonight i painted mason jar lids with blackboard paint for our bath tea mixes

almost done my sets of oil cloth clothes pegs

we’re getting there!

in the mean time, there’s always time to decorate my dress maker’s form

she holds down the fort


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