oh how fast things can change

26 Jul

our lives are a fine thread that weave in and out

some times it is loose and pliable.

other times, its pulled taunt;

makes us what we are through the struggle to get to the other side.

our life has been pulled firmly across an abyss of uncertainty lately

so as always, i’m stumbling to catch up with the half of life that is still

what i make of it

and this makes it all worth it

i was expecting to have the shop up and running quite a while ago,

but life has other plans.

i did however managed to snag all these end strips of oil cloth to make utensil pouches with

for a whopping $7! vs. the $16 a metre it usually is. yay!

after organizing all my buttons last time, my beloved mother-in-law mailed me 3 boxes full of craft supplies,

including this box of buttons! oh no!

so i up scaled to a much bigger organization of buttons

the kitten isn’t too impressed, but what can you expect

feeling the need for some cuddles, and with a new abundance of fun fur!

i created a new woodland friend for us,

caribou slug!



if only i knit.

well, so long.

see you when i see you.

i’ll leave the promises till

calmer days.


One Response to “oh how fast things can change”

  1. Rainier July 28, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

    Haha, caribou slug.

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