lets get organized!

24 Jun

as any crafter knows, keeping your supplies organized can be the most difficult of all. i am constantly collecting boxes, bins, and all kinds of other things in an attempt to keep my supplies easily accessible and tidy. its a never ending battle, but this month i am determined to get things in order! i started out by putting my embroidery threads on index cards and organizing them by colour. no easy feat let me tell you. to turn this:

into this:

scores this week!

slip cover for $5!!! because it was an odd size (that just so happens to fit one of our feather duvets)

its 1890-1920’s probably in the 1920’s because of its colour. it is stunning.

with handmade buttons. its a metal ring with thread woven around it. can you imagine the work that must have taken. no wonder its only got 5.

apparently i now collect salt and pepper shakers seeing as we currently own 6 sets. so what’s another?

1950’s pink vinyl ponytail photo scrap book listed here as quite rare

they were a line of products (more info here) pretty rad find if you ask me!

and the very next day i found this 1950’s one

i also found embroidery patterns

“gay kittens and puppies for every use!”

count me in!

not finished yet, but it will say “tied to the sea” and on the back…

what could be better than a little gay sailing kitten?

my quilting has still been sitting on the back burner but i did accomplish my first patterned patch. a star of le moyne

a modest mouse square too!

i finally squeezed some time in between all that to start the prototypes for a new line of things we’ll be selling soon on my etsy store which are cutlery (shown with metal but will be available with wooden, and bamboo, and in a smaller size for bamboo sporks!)

they are made of oil cloth and come with a fork, spoon, and metal straw to reduce use of plastic ones we throw away!

pretty content with what i have so far. now just to buckle down and get them up for sale!

well, another day is gone and done, and i am off to rest my weary bones.

see you soon!


2 Responses to “lets get organized!”

  1. Rayne July 21, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    Ooh, this stuff is neat. Haha gay kittens.

  2. Rayne July 21, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    Oh, and I wanna one of those straws!

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