a rest from the needle + thread

8 Jun

its been a long week.

i’ve been under the weather and even a sick day was deployed in my defense. my sewing machine hasn’t seen the light of day in a lot longer than its used to, and my dress makers form has only had a toddler fumbling a crochet hook at her (the little one was pretending to sew us beautiful princess dress).  i did however catch up on reading and FINALLY start work on a new art piece, which i haven’t done since before my showing at bean around the world.

sometimes i regret that i adore drawing anatomy in my pieces. a quarter of the way through i start regretting it, getting caught up between the cracks and valleys of the human body and wondering why i felt connected to this image, but once i catch my breath again and find my footing, its —– close to being done and i end up rather pleased.

i got to spend some much needed time appreciating and loving my little family to pieces. it felt like it had been a while

i also was finally able to sit down and read (i may be incapable of simply resting unless sleeping)

823 pages later and i am finally completed “the way the crow flies

this is the second ann-marie macdonald novel i’ve read. it was amazing but by the last 100 pages, it became more of a feat to finish than a page turning wonder. dragged out a bit, but i found both her books due. a lot of background details near the end, but it certainly leaves you satisfied at the end.

i’m trying to fly through a book my mum lent me called “poison.”

so far its alright. it got great revues, and she does have amazing taste in literature so i’m diving into it with the faith the story will pick up. once i’ve sped through it (i have a habit of racing through books in a matter of days), i am excited to settle myself into “the life of pi

this one i plan on taking my time with and savoring every last word.

its been a lovely little rest away from the needle and thread.

but stay tuned, more of that to come.


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