an iron, a typewriter, and a bust

25 May

well i finally retrieved my iron.

what a difference!

boom box patch and 1960’s psychedelic fabric

from a threadless t-shirt by brock davis, with a selection of my favourite 1960’s fabric, one of my newest buys, and a beautiful purple and orange fabric from the 1940’s.

i work for a non-profit thrift store and work with an amazing woman who used to authenticate vintage for the museum and even the government. she is an incredible seamstress and quilter who’s skills are well known in the city. she’s recently been going through her fabric collection and donate some amazing pieces to me. here are some of my scores from  her and that i’ve bought from work this month:

dressmaker’s bust for $10.75

royal quiet de lux typewriter for $28.50

found for resale online for $450! if i didn’t adore it, i’d sell it.

$1.99 at the sally ann

board game from 1959 called “the pit”

$2.99 for a foldout fan

$4.99 old school noise makers!

from my beloved co-worker:

alice in wonderland/humpty dumpty? even she didn’t remember where on earth she picked this one up


1950’s orange satin rescued from being recycled

1940’s orange and purple floral fabric

getting organized!

i finally found my art journal so i’ve begun compiling sketches of quilting designs i find and like.

my adorable bucket i keep my patches in

tired of always having thread bits and scrap fabric laying around while i was working i modge podged this awesome old drawer liner to an old coffee canister. its perfect!

i finally organized my coloured buttons (i have always wanted to do that!)

i finally put all my stone beads into this amazing container my darling husband found me.

blogs i’ve been following recently:

bee modern

cut to pieces

indie house


One Response to “an iron, a typewriter, and a bust”

  1. Rayne May 29, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    Those are such awesome thriftstore finds Zeff! I love the modge podge coffee can, too.

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