day 1

11 May

to blog, or not to blog, that’s been the question for quite some time now.

my house is filled with started, half done, completed and abandoned projects. you will find them under the couch, stuffed in drawers, hanging from the backs of our dining room chairs and anywhere else you could possibly imagine. i am notorious for deciding to learn a new skill and giving it my all for all of a week  to a month and then diving head first into another.

i spent last week with pens and half completed drawings strewn across the living room floor trying to complete a series of drawings and frame them for a showing at a local coffee shop called bean around the world. i worked around the clock to get them done, make business cards, a facebook group, a facebook event, and price them.

within a week of hanging my art, i’ve decided to teach myself to quilt.

so there i was, surrounded by fabric scraps, patches, pins and sketched out designs, realizing that i have been crafting non-stop for over a year now with only a photo here and there of what i’ve actually produced. so just in case i have a free moment somewhere in my week, i’ve decided to blog my attempts, failures and (fingers crossed) successful crafting adventures.

so here goes!


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