Facelift please

5 Nov

Ugh my blog needs a revamp. Now where am I going to find the time… Stay tuned and maybe it’ll happen.


first solids!

3 Nov

i cannot believe my baby is eating.

we had planned to wait till he was 6 months before introducing solid foods, but he’s showing all the signs of being ready to eat and has been eating every hour to three hours (more than when he was a newborn) and crying most of the last few nights. so after some research and talking with our mommas we bought a box of milupa starter cereal and mixed some up!

he liked it more than i thought i he would, but he thinks its more fun than tasty. which is totally fine with me ❤

and to my extreme pleasure, he went to bed within 10 mins, on time, and has stayed down only waking once for a moment. what a relief after the last few days of tearful nights.

checkin’ off milestones everyday.

5 months

2 Nov

one more month till his halfie birthday! eep!

this kid is such a little character. he is such a mellow, good natured little guy, only cranky when his little teeth are really bugging him, and even then he’s a sweetheart.

he likes:

 stroking your face and staring at you

reaching out and touching his daddy when we’re in bed

swimming in the tub

being fanned while naked (i have to post a video of this. it is hilarious.)

KISSES! all kinds, all over, all the time ❤

chewing on his Hop on Pop board book

peek-a-boo from behind his feet

milk. this kid seriously eats all.the.time.

bouncing in his jolly jumper (which makes early mornings very easy for mummy)

sleeping all night in momma’s arms swoon

leaning really far back to look around when you’re holding him (very hard on the arms)

he does not like

teething. we’re having a hell of a time getting through these first two.

getting in and out of his car seat.

putting on a diaper

shopping. such a boy.

not being allowed to watch tv (seriously kid, you don’t need to watch the news.)

not being allowed to eat whatever we’re eating.

not being allowed to have hot cups of coffee. seriously. he finds this so frustrating.

bedtimes have been pretty rough lately with the teething. its so stressful trying to determine whether he is tired and cranky or in pain and needs tyenol or both. or is he just bored! am i putting his down too early, or too late and he’s overtired. i suppose we’ll find our groove again, but right now we’re struggling. as not excited as i am for nursing a 5 month old with teeth, i hope these teeth cut through soon and give this kid a break.


Happy Halloween (yesterday)

1 Nov


pumpkin patch

27 Oct

babies first trip to the pumpkin patch!

we started with lunch with great-grandma and grandpa and my mum. i cannot even express how much i love watching my son with my grandparents..

my grandpa and cedar


my grandmother and cedar

afterwards we drove out to oldfield orchards to pick out some pumpkins with my mum and aunt.

first time making friends with a goat!

smiling goat

there were chickens in the orchards

daddy let the chicken go!

24 Oct

it feels as if its been so long since i had enough time to myself to really remember what its like in my head. what its like to just be alone with my thoughts. to just be. and its a lovely place to reside for an evening.

i fed the babe, tucked him in with a kiss, poured myself a cup (we don’t own any glasses) of wine and ran myself a piping hot bath full of sea salts and essential oils not sutable for babies. i had intended to just read, but i just laid there with thoughts flowing freely without interuption (well only one). i listened to whatever music i wanted without worrying if it was too stimulating for the bug or too loud or too anything. i looked at photos of him as the tiniest of babes and reflected on this journey i suddenly find myself on. i remembered what it was like to not know the little being inside me when i was pregnant, and felt so grateful to have a healthy happy little baby. so grateful that he was birthed safely into the loving hands of our midwife. so grateful for him.

we had spent the day together, just him and i. we walked all day, looking at the leaves falling, visiting friends. we napped together, tucked in snug with one anothers foreheads pressed against the others. we were quiet and aware, and it was divine. there is no doubt in my mind he sees inside my mind and sees the place he resides within my heart.

i cherish these quiet moments.

my playlist of the evening

the silence of my life before my son echoes through my memory as a reminder of how grateful i am to have this tiny being.

old school sesame street

23 Oct

the mister and i have always worked to play the kids lots of good music, and one of our favourite ways to introduce new music is old (and some new) sesame street cameos! here are some of our favs.